Youth Support  and Youth Support Jamaica has a long history of research on adolescent and social / psychological issues and evaluation of services provided for youth, children and deprived groups.

Research projects are fully discussed in our publications.

bullet1. Current research on teenage pregnancy is based on populations in London, Jamaica and Los Angeles. This has taken two forms.
bulletA. Video and DVD presentations of Schoolgirl Pregnancy have been produced - covering
bullet1. Jamaican Issues
bullet2. Comparative factors between the three populations
bulletB. The 20 year follow up study of young parents who have attended Youth Support services and the women's centres is currently in progress.
bullet2. Projected study and evaluation of work with youth involved in the penal system.

Research - Youth Support Jamaica and the Women’s Centres of Jamaica Foundation.

The Women’s centres (now known as the Women’s Centre of Jamaica Foundation) have been operating in Jamaica since 1978 and have built up a wealth of information and experience in the subject of teenage pregnancy and adolescent sexuality. They have had unrivalled experience of advising, teaching and supporting young parents and their success rate has been excellent.

The last tracer study of the centre attenders was undertaken in 1995 at the 15 / 17 year follow up stage and rendered interesting results which were also useful in planning further work .  At the same time Youth Support in London were producing their 15 year follow up study of a comparable population.


The two organisations have been associated for two decades. and Dr Birch from Youth Support has been visiting The Women’s centres since 1986.


We now have a unique opportunity to follow up the young parents at the 20 year stage and conduct a comparative study of both populations. Thanks to the interest of a International Charities – Youth Support and the ICCYFS (International Centre for Child Youth and Family Studies) – it is now possible to undertake this important piece of work and it is hoped that data from a third site in Los Angeles will also eventually be included.


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