Suicide Omar C. Richards Prize Winning poem 2002*


Jodian Grindley  - Prize winning poem 2002*


The things your love brings   Kimolee Robinson 2003


Beating By KA Walker 


Abused by Rochelle Lobban


Why? The depressions cry   By Rochelle Lobban


Omar C. Richards Prize Winning rap poem 2002





Why are you riding peoples mind

You are a silent killer ever

Allow people to die, while sleeping

On their pillow




You are pathetic

you even

Allow people to take their own

Lives with a ‘mattic




You allow my brother and sister

To die in a tragic


What’s you  secret

Are you a

Magic ?

Why can you dodge it

And allow people to stop


Think about it,

About it  


Better stop it!


By Omar C. Richards

Deputy Head Boy

Tivoli Gardens High school



Jodian Grindley  - Prize winning poem 2002


Substance Abuse 

Substance abuse is  a problem

Yes, it is a problem, a very big problem

Amongst the youths of the land.

It mash up dem brain

And there is nothing to gain

Cause it cause pure pain

And you cannot abstain

From you de pan a plane way you cannot explain




Be informed

Be involved

Be in touch


Now de ganga ,o weh yuh call it, some say


Some sey


Some sey


Some sey



But the right name for it

Is marijuana, when you mix

It wid cocaine you call it season spliff


Be informed

Be involved

Be in touch


Four hundred chemical this plant produce

A chemical affair Bin Ladden would refuse

Listen mi youth

This is a mother of truth

It lower your sperm count

Fry up your liver gi yuh lungs


Listen mi youth it noh mek you live



Be informed

Be involved

Be in touch.



The things your love brings  

Kimolee Robinson 2003


Your smiles

Your lips

Your tears

Your kiss

Your eyes they see straight throughme

You lie

You cheat

You makes ends meet

You stress me out

You make me shout

All these things your love bring.

So why the fight

No kiss good by

You make me cry

I hurt inside. I want to die

All these things your love bring


Beating By KA Walker 


 My father beats me up 

just like his father did 

And grandad was beaten by 

Greatgrandad as a kid

From generation to generation 

A poisoned apple is passed along

And no-one thinking it’s wrong 

and it is 

Not the arguing the cursing the frustration or fear 

A normal child can cope with that, it grows easier by the year. 

But the using abusing and beatings 

Feeling the child is somewhat property owned 

In this family violence condoned. 



By Rochelle Lobban


I was abused,

Left feeling confused.

Wondering why,

As the days pass by.

My mother left me,

My father rejected me

So I cuddled up in my dark corner

Where I am safe from all harm



Why? The depressions cry

By Rochelle Lobban


Why am I in this situation?

Why am I here?

Why is this happening to me?

Is this my life’s destiny?


I have been through life’s storms.

Through the rain of rejection

The whirlwind of abuse

The gusty winds of frustration

When will my clear skies come?




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