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Child abuse       Cerorce White


Child abuse. What really is child abuse? People often say that child abuse is when a child is being molested by the step father which is most common in Jamaica. But through research and study shows that child abuse is an act of form of violence against

Child / adolescent. So abuse means to damage a person physically, mentally, emotionally

or developmentally. A child is a young human being, a child is also a flower which be treated with care and fragility. Abuse comes in different ways such as:

Physical abuse

Emotional abuse

Sexual abuse

Verbal abuse


When a child is abused in any of these way he/she will think they deserve it. When it is primarily the parents fault the parent can be having problems from work or just be stressed and eventually takes it out on the child who is weak and defensless. Also there are other ways in which children and adolescents can be abused apart from being physically abused, they are:

Not feeding the child (starving them)

Not caring (neglecting them)

Not wanting (neglecting them)

Not loving (emotional depriving)

When we think of these type of abusiveness children and adolescents go through we wonder if the abusers really needed these children in their lives, was it a mistake which could have been corrected.

Say for instance I was abuse 20 years ago and think that it will not affect me, but in the future it will. Some people cannot forgive themselves about what happen to them and just carry around in them this guilt, but as the saying goes – bad things happen to good people.

What I suggest people are to do is to recognise it, and try to get help and don’t get yourself in similar position. We may not want to face those tragic moments in our lives but I can assure of you do face it, whether it may be your worst nightmare or whatever you may be call it. You will become a survivor for life.


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Sally   Marvesha Walker (16yrs) 

There was once a girl by the name of Sally. One night he dad went out at a bar and came home drunk while Sally was in the living room listening to some of Jamaica greatest dance hall hits. It was about 10 p.m. when when her dad burst through the door and saw her dancing. He suddenly came over to her and told her to continue dancing while he sit down and watch. While Sally was dancing he came over to her and grab her around her waist and started wine on her bottom, then he slowly move his hands up towards her breast and started squeezing them. Sally was in such shock she immediately turn around and face her dad and replied “Dad what are you doing please stop”. Her dad replied back to her and said “relax there is nothing to worry about, everything will be alright”. Sally push her dad away and her dad slap her.

Sally dad rip off Sally clothes and push her on the sofa and he then went inside of her. Sally was in such pain she could not even walk when her dad finish with her.

Sally dad then took her to the bathroom and give her a bath and put her to bed.

Sally dad told her never to say anything or else he would kill her. Sally never said anything to anybody. Now Sally is 26yrs old and she hates man. She is now lesbian.

Sally got rape by her father when she was 12 yrs old.

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Suicide  By Suewhen Stewart

In the year 2001, I used to attend the Kingdom Hall of Jehovah’s Witnesses, which was located in the parish of St. Thomas in Jamaica. We always had a bible study group and in that study group I meet a young man by the name of Sessel. He was the brightest in the group, he knew the whole Bible but he had a big problem, he told me that because he was the youngest for his parents he was lack of love and support from his parents. He also said that his parents thought of his as the crazy one and they would not believe a word he speaks. Sessel never once mentioned about suicide but he did it.

One day while his parents was at work and his elder brothers was out he went to a place where he knew no-one goes and hang himself in a tree. For almost a month no-one knew were he was until people started to smell an odour and they found him. His parents and peers felt really bad because they did not know how he felt and the pain he was going through.

I felt bad because he had told me his true feelings. I tried to tell his mother but she disbelieved me.

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A man who had committed Suicide    By Taneisha Jarrett

There was a man in the parish of Portland by the name of Teddy. He live with his wife and two children. One morning he had an argument with his wife about some insurance problem.

Later that morning with grief he went for a walk in the bush to look after his animals. A few minutes after they heard someone shouting

“it can’t be, it can’t be”.

It was the neighbour on her way from the bush to their house with a message. The neighbour told them that Teddy had hanged himself with a piece of rope around his neck by a mango tree.

After hearing the sad news everyone started denying that it could not be Mr Teddy. In disbelief the wife and children were left in pain.




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